Celebrating our very first blog in our very tenth year!

Celebrating our very first blog in our very tenth year!

2nd September 2014 | General| No Comments

We are delighted to welcome you to our new blog and hope that you find what we have to write interesting and, maybe, even helpful. We are getting ever nearer to our 10th anniversary grand opening and, although we have been here many times before, we can’t help but feel slightly nervous and extremely fortunate.

When we first opened the doors to what was the Contemporary Art Fair Edinburgh (Cafe) in 2005, I don’t think many of us who were there that day would have thought we would still be here talking about it in 2014. Although we thought we knew what we were getting ourselves into, and what we were doing, in all honesty, it was a complete and utter shambles! 52 galleries came to Edinburgh from as far afield as Ireland and Spain, and had the dubious honour of having to paint their own stand before we opened the doors to the general public, and when we did, the fresh aroma of white satin filled the nostrils of everyone who came to see us while the stands ebbed and swayed and were lucky to stay upright thanks only to constant prayer, gaffa tape, and blu tac!

Thankfully, a great number of those kind souls who exhibited back then and, a large number of the visiting masses, were encouraged by what they witnessed and persuaded us to give it another go the following year, providing of course, we ditched the silly acronym Cafe and went for something a little less pretentious, so, a year later, the Edinburgh Art Fair was born and with it, the start of an incredible journey that has opened our eyes to some beautiful artworks, introduced us to some amazing people, and helped us to make many fantastic friends, some of whom are in the so called 'business', and some who just so happened to open the newspaper one day to see an advert for an Art Fair which was taking place the following weekend, decided to come along, and who now, continue to come along every year for the craic, the drink, and above all else, the art.

Over the next few weeks in the build up to the Fair we shall try to excite you with news of some of the galleries we have exhibiting, and of the artists we have showing who have been working hard in their paint encrusted studios, sheds, warehouses and box-rooms, creating the masterpieces which you, our visitors, will be the first to see and, of course, we will bring you news of the many activities we have lined up for the entertainment of all of you who venture out to the Edinburgh Corn Exchange on the 14th-16th November to help us celebrate the beauty of living your dreams. Thank you to everyone who has been a part of this journey so far, and to those of you we have yet to meet! We look forward to seeing you. There will be more scribblings in due course but, for now, stay well!