Going Walkabout around the Fair!

Going Walkabout around the Fair!

10th September 2014 | Exhibitors| No Comments

The heat of the Australian desert will reach Edinburgh this November as, for the first time here in Scotland, there will be a major exhibition of Aboriginal paintings as part of the Edinburgh Art Fair.

Some of the finest artists living in the outback today will be presented by Tingari Arts on Stand E4 at the Fair. With names as colourful as their art, artists like 'Cowboy Louie Pwerie' and 'Topsy Peterson Napangardi' will surely find a whole new set of admirers and, dare we say, collectors!

Staying true to their beliefs and customs, and drawing from centuries of tradition and oral history, the work produced is mesmerising and universal and it is sure to be a huge hit with the thousands of art lovers who will descend upon the Corn Exchange for this celebration of world art. 

Some aboriginal artists depicts stories of travelling ancestors like Walangkura Napanangka, - who in 2007, was named as being one of the 50 most collectable Australian artists and whose work can be seen in public collections including: the National Gallery of Australia, the Art gallery of New South Wales, the Kelton Foundation in Los Angeles and, the Aboriginal Art Museum in the Netherlands. Others, like Topsy, take their inspiration from the landscape. She paints the country around Haasts Bluff and Kunatjarrayi and captures its spiritual essence.  Visitors to this year's Fair will enjoy a very rare treat, they will be transported to a far away land and encounter one of the oldest artistic cultures on Earth, and all they'll need to do is take the number 35 bus! 

The artists presented by Tingari Arts all have established reputations and impressive credentials. Mitjili Napurrulabis, for example, who is married to another prominent artist, Long Tom Tjapanangka has had over 60 major exhibitions in Australia and Internationally but not yet this far north!  In a few weeks time, we will have the chance of seeing her work exhibited in Edinburgh for the first time along with that of Josie Petrick Kemarre, whose art already graces the walls of the United Nations building in New York and the Australian embassies in both New York and Washington DC.

This year's Fair will have a distinct international flavour with artists from Poland, Ireland and India also being represented.  This is the beauty of the Fair:  to bring art from all over the world to your door step.  

Happy walkabout!