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Daytime Sessions

Friday 17th 

On stage - 12.30pm - 1pm

FREE - To all EAF visitors

"Adeyemo always knew she had a natural talent for singing from how people would react to her voice. Throughout childhood, she was active in various choirs and performing arts societies, and always wrote songs that she would sing to others in her school playground.


Upon showing up to her university's music society one night on a whim, she realised it was possible to do more with her musical ideas and talent, and quickly "got the bug" and joined a string of bands. The most productive of these ventures was a folk/blues duo with Josh Byford, which involved many performances over many years throughout the Bath and Swindon area.


Adeyemo left university with a deep appreciation for folk and blues music. She began guitar lessons herself after moving to Scotland to work for a charity. She met guitar teacher and soon great friend Chris Main, who bonded with her over a shared love of Suzanne Vega and an appreciation for what he termed her "obvious potential and dedication".


After his passing, Adeyemo spent some years learning guitar, taking singing lessons, studying songwriting, and learning music theory (as she had never been taught anything about music at school) while working multiple jobs to support herself - and after a year of writing is ready to release the song ideas she has spent the last ten years crafting; drawing on everything she has learned along the way."

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