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Daytime Sessions

Friday 17th 

The Live Lounge

2pm - 3pm

FREE - To all EAF visitors

Following on from his recent exhibition in Venice, Italy in April this year, Harti brings his unique vision and art to Edinburgh Art Fair with CCA Galleries International.

Harti has waited over 25 years to graphically convey his voice through his dramatic artistic commentaries and over the last two years, he has been making great waves as a ‘commentary pop artist’ within the art world with exhibitions at the Saatchi Gallery in London and Seoul, and Venice.


He’s a storyteller, a truth-sayer, and a deep-thinker.

Harti has both Italian and German heritage, and is an artist, musician, composer, animator, and director. He has spent his life observing and studying the diversity and history of cultures and lifestyles both from a religious, political, and societal perspective. He only started to share his work in 2020, at 52 years of age. Undiscovered so to speak, he is now one of the most exciting emerging artists on the scene.

As a qualified clinical & neuropsychologist from the University of Zurich, Harti’s lifelong professional interests and learning have culminated in an electrifying and truth-telling collection of art expressed on vast canvasses that capture and question the sense and meaning of life, God, and belief systems, consciousness vs nothingness, our insignificance in the Universe and quintessentially our lost self.

In this 3rd Series which he will exhibit in Edinburgh, Harti asks if we are able to take control of our purpose by authentically choosing a way of being. In these paintings, Harti sets about the task of peeling off the layers of false realities with which society masks the truth. While he perceives the world darkly, he refuses to give into despair. However, he lures us into a realm of painful lucidity and dreamlike precision. The artwork titles are bold and provocative, with each painting being accompanied by a lengthy commentary, which is as important as the artwork itself. ‘The Last Bite’, his latest new artwork, is an anachronistic take on the story of The Last Supper which refers to the final meal that Yeshua (Jesus Christ) shared with his disciples before his crucifixion, as described in the New Testament of the Bible. Harti takes us on a tour of his 5 tables in this artwork. He questions our modern belief systems, from Capitalism seen as a modern form of religion to the Abrahamic belief system, celebrity ideology, Christianity, and mythology. His ideas could be perceived as highly controversial but positioned from scholarly doctrines, they are shocking and captivating at the same time.

The aim of this series is to stimulate, engage, and challenge the viewer to peel back layers of their own mind, combined with the need to entertain. Darkness and light, an overarching juxtaposition in Harti’s artworks is played with on different levels: good versus evil and comedic pop art versus the manipulation of Old Masters that in itself, offers, another playful layer, with its nod towards the mid-16th to 17th Century Tenebrism.

Influenced by his intercontinental heritage, professional career, politics, and global cultural genre, has resulted in a body of unseen work that is 21st century ‘commentary’ pop-art. He calls his work #BrainFoodInColour.

Attendees to EAF can attend a talk and the Q&A with Harti which will take place on 17th November at EAF. 

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