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EAF LIVE Friday 17th November

The Live Lounge - On stage - 6.15pm - 6.45pm


Tickets On Sale Now!

Star Wheel Press: Two fellas Craig Milton and Ryan Hannigan started and maintain this outfit.


Named after the printing press of William Blake and William Hogarth and maybe some other Williams they attempt to lay you out like a flatbed press then turn their musical wheels to reveal a mix of roots, Americana and melancholy folk, soul flip flop.


Joined by other hard-luck cases who harmonise, play, and add soul and colour to the page - Star Wheel Press from rural Aberfeldy has a habit of surprising people.


With the husky brogue of Hannigan and the tonal depth of Milton’s valve amps and Harmony Guitar - even some of the great musos of today have stopped to listen.


Lauren Laverne, Ian Rankin, Bob Harris & Ricky Ross have all agreed that maybe these guys are more than just a voice, a guitar, and some alternative ideas.

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