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EAF LIVE Friday 17th November

The Live Lounge - On stage - 8.00pm - 8.45pm


Tickets On Sale Now!

Writing music for the sheer love of it, Tasting Shapes is forming its own sonic identity somewhere on the spectrums of post, indie, and prog rock.


Formed in late 2019 in Edinburgh as a semi-acoustic duo project, founding members Kat Aydin (vocals) and Chris MacKinnon (guitars and keys) were later joined by Callum Mouat (drums) and Robert Tingle (bass) as their sound evolved, with Rab Winter joining on second guitar as they took to the live stage.

In late 2022, Tasting Shapes released their debut album, "Close to Distance", which was celebrated with a headline show at Sneaky Pete's in Edinburgh. The album showcases the band's ability to craft immersive and emotive soundscapes that draw listeners into their world.

Tasting Shapes continues to hone its live show and is known for its passionate and energetic performances, bringing its music to life. As they build on their previous release, Tasting Shapes is focused on creating new material that pushes the boundaries of their distinct sound.

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